Legislative Basis

BEK73, §10, stk. 4:

In the event of major damage or damage affecting safety, the owner of the wind turbine shall immediately submit information about the event to the Energy Agency's Secretariat for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme.

Guidance on BEK73, §10, stk. 4:

The owner is obliged to ensure that reporting takes place, cf. section 10(4). The producer, the service company, the insurance company, etc. can carry out the reporting on behalf of the owner. Major damage and damage affecting safety could include:

  • turbine shutdown due to risk of breakdown;
  • blades or blade components that fall down;
  • other components that fall down;
  • damage resulting in fire or in the blades running wild.

Safety-related damage includes damage which involves a significant risk of injury to people, animal, objects, property, or other items in the vicinity of the wind turbine. The Secretariat for Approvals and the Danish Working Environment Authority collaborate on these matters.

Damage as a consequence of incidents related to the design basis in situations when the wind turbine’s control system was able to keep the wind turbine stable, does not have to be reported as a general rule. In cases of doubt the Secretariat for Approvals should be contacted.

Reporting is to ensure that knowledge about such damage is collected, so that the Secretariat for Approvals can assess the need to launch investigations as well as the need for updates to the scheme's technical basis.

Typically, the following will elements will be included in reporting:

  • Ownership and reporting party responsible for examination.
  • The extent and nature of the damage.
  • The GSRN number.
  • Turbine ID.
  • Date, time and place.
  • Components thrown off.
  • Distance and weight.
  • Photo documentation.
  • Precautionary measures /corrective actions
  • A report when available.

A reporting form can be downloaded from the website of the Energy Agency's Secretariat for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme.


Implementation and Compliance

Under Forms, is a document to be used to report damages and stops related to safety according to the above. Use of the form ensures that EGV gets all the necessary information from the outset, thereby facilitating procedures work. The form should be sent along with other relevant documentation (accident report, image documentation, etc.).