Legislative Basis

BEK73, §5:

5.-(1) Certification of wind turbines with a rotor area of more than 40m2 shall, as a minimum, include requirements corresponding to the mandatory modules and requirements for type or prototype certification stipulated in European standard DS/EN 61400-22, including specified DS/EN, IEC and ISO standards, cf. however, subsection (2). If the standards mentioned above contain requirements for safety and health, such requirements shall not be subject to the
requirement for certification pursuant to this Executive Order, cf. section 3.

(2) Certification of wind turbines with a rotor area of more than 5 m2 and up to 40 m2 shall, as a minimum, include requirements corresponding to the requirements mentioned in Annex 1,point 1.

(3) Certification as mentioned in subsections (1) and (2) shall also include a source noise measurement pursuant to the current Executive Order on noise from wind turbines.

(4) Following a recommendation from the Energy Agency's Secretariat for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme, the Danish Energy Agency may exempt wind turbines with a rotor area of 40 m2 or less from certification, if they

  1. are used for teaching purposes, research, or tests on specially demarcated areas allocated for the purpose
  2. are designed and built by the owner for own use on specially demarcated areas
  3. exclusively and without electricity production supply mechanical energy for heat pumping, heating, etc.; or
  4. on the basis of a concrete assessment can be considered safe, including certain drag-type wind turbines.

(5) Wind turbines with a rotor area of 40 m2 or less shall be exempted from certification, if they

  1. are erected in Danish territorial waters and in the Exclusive Economic Zone; or
  2. are erected on ships.
  • A Type A Certificate - is the final certificate for a market ready wind turbine with a validity of 5 years.
  • Type B Certificate is temporary, usually no longer than a year. There are typically some non-safety related issues and it is generally replaced with a Type A certificate when running out.
  • Prototype Certificate applies to a specific turbine , at a specific location, and has a validity of up to 3 years. After expiration of the certificate, a new prototype certificate must be drawn up, a Section 8 Certificate, or the turbine must be dismantled.
  • A Section 8 Certificate  applies to a specific turbine, at a specific location and includes modification, relocation or continued operation.


Implementation and Compliance

All turbines with a swept area above 5m2 to be erected in Denmark must be have a valid type certifikcate. BEK73, Annex 1, contains an option to do type certification of wind turbines with a swept area below 40m2, in accordance with a simplified set of rules.

Turbines with a swept area above 200 m2 must be type certified by a company accredited to both type certification of wind turbines according to IEC 61400-22 and to BEK73. Here, it is important to note that the type certificate shall indicate a reference to BEK73, otherwise the type certificate is not valid in installation in Denmark.  One of the reasons is that in Denmark there is a requirement that type certification among other things must contain a source noise measurement, which is not a mandatory module in the IEC standard.

With regards to wind turbines below 200 m2, The Danish Energy Agency may authorise a company to type certification of wind turbines for installation in Denmark.

If you wish type certification of a wind turbine, please contact a company from the below list.