Purpose of the Scheme

  • that wind turbines produced for sale, comply with the technical requirements for type certification of wind turbines. The manufacturer/supplier is responsible for ensuring that the wind turbine is approved before commencement of operation.
  • that wind turbines and wind farms comply with the technical provisions for type and project certification of wind turbines, refurbishment, and relocation, etc.
  • that the developer/owner is responsible for ensuring that wind turbines are project approved within 3 months after commissioning, regardless whether the location is on land or at sea.
  • that wind turbines that are used for testing or demonstration comply with the technical provisions for setting up turbines for testing and demonstration. The owner of the wind turbine is responsible for ensuring that the wind turbine has a valid test turbine approval throughout the duration of the test period.
  • that erected wind turbines comply with the technical provisions for maintenance and service. Wind turbine owners are responsible for ensuring that the by manufacturer defined specifications regarding maintenance and service are complied with.



  • The Danish Energy Agency has overall responsibility for the scheme's content and administration, as well as coordination of the scheme's requirements with other authorities.
  • The Secretariat for WTG Certification - ”The Energy Agency's Secretariat for for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme" - manages the day-to-day administrative tasks of the secretariat. Furthermore, the Secretariat for WTG Certification also acts as the Energy Agency's information and knowledge centre for the scheme. An important task is to participate in Danish and international committees working on the development of new norms and standards within wind energy, as well as coordination of Denmark's participation in international standardization work.
  • The Energy Agency's Advisory Board – assists in the assessment of the scheme's content and administration. The board is set up by the Danish Energy Agency with representatives of the wind turbine industry, wind turbine owners, the Transmission System Operator (TSO), grid and supply companies, insurance companies, certifying companies, the service industry and standardization and research institutes.
  • Technical expertise - for interpretation of the basic set of rules and drafting of new rules and regulations, ad hoc committees dealing with possible problem areas can be set up. Furthermore, investigation groups in connection to larger damages/failures on wind turbines can be arranged.